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inPAINT Magazine: Paint Pros Provide Insight Into Their Favorite Products

Fresh Coat owner featured in inPAINT Magazine about top go-to products

Fresh Coat Owner Jerry Fancher of Eden Prairie, Minnesota was recently featured in inPAINT Magazine as one of eight painting pros that weighed in on their favorite products acoss the industry. Here is what Fancher had to say.

“One of the important questions for interior repaint customers is what is their goal; for example, are they moving in or out? Many times, the customer flat out states they are moving and it is a 100% budget job,” Fancher said. “For those jobs, Sherwin-Williams’ ProMar 200 and 400 will do the job quite well at a low price. We use ProMar on rentals that are painted often, and houses being ‘beiged’ to sell by very cost-conscious customers.”

For customers moving in or an upscale home, Fancher suggests using Sherwin-Williams Cashmere. “Or, if they are using deep colors, we use their Emerald,” he says. “Both are great products and are made for a long-lasting, quality job. The cost is higher, but the quality will last, and the added cost for the paint is mitigated by a lower labor cost.”