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Affordable Franchises Might Hold the Financial Answer for Baby Boomers

Members of the baby-boomer generation are retiring at a rate of 10,000 a day according to the Washington Post. Research shows that 24 percent of baby boomers might have no savings and are financially unprepared for the future with an average Social Security payment to retirees being a mere $1,317 a month. Finding an alternate source of income to supplement their retirement might not be as difficult as baby boomers might think; although, it comes from a source that might surprise them.

Owning a business might be the key to financial stability

Starting a painting business might not be high on the list of what someone might think of as a way to supplement retirement income, but Fresh Coat offers a franchise program designed to make business ownership available to the average person. The company currently has 120 franchise owners providing a full range of services to their residential, commercial and government customers, including:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Deck sealing and staining
  • Fence staining and painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Power-washing service
  • Removal of popcorn ceilings

Fresh Coat franchisees are trained to deliver on the company’s commitment to a high level of customer satisfaction. This is achieved by teaching them how to hire superior painting professionals, the ones with the most experience and highest level of skill in the industry, and by giving them the best products and materials with which to work.

Giving people the training to run a business

Fresh Coat is a painting business, but it trains its franchise owners to be business people rather than painters. It is a business model that works for the owners of Fresh Coat franchises and for the customers in their local communities.

Most communities have many painting contractors competing for work. Finding a reliable, skilled and affordable painting contractor to do the job right could be a hit-or-miss proposition for homeowners or owners of commercial properties. Frequently, the best painters in terms of their workmanship are not very good at running a business, so customers could end up with a final bill that far exceeded the original estimate. Getting the work done on time could be an even greater challenge with contractors showing up late to start jobs and failing to complete them on time.

Training for a Fresh Coat franchise owner focuses on the essentials of operating a local business that hires the best painters as employees after completion of a background check. The painters are bonded and insured, so customers know they can trust the people coming into their homes. Instead hiring a painter they found on the internet, franchise owners offer their customers the security and assurance that comes from working with a local business backed and supported by a nationally recognized brand.

Franchise owners get marketing and operational support

The benefit of owning a nationally-branded franchise is the support the local owners receive from Fresh Coat. The company provides national marketing campaigns to promote growth of the brand while driving leads. On the local level, it provides its franchisees with marketing strategies and the tools they need to customize those strategies to meet their specific needs and goals.

Each new franchise is set up with its own digital marketing package that includes:

  • Local business website and address
  • Google pay per click
  • Facebook promotions
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Presence on review sites

A digital marketing specialist is available at Fresh Coat’s corporate headquarters to work with franchise owners to maximize their local social media content and PPC campaigns. The emphasis of much of the digital marketing is the promotion of the local businesses to help them to establish their community presence and drive local leads.

The Fresh Coat approach to its franchise operations is to be there for its local owners to guide them through each stage of the process of establishing a successful business. A business coach is assigned to assist franchise owners from their initial training and throughout their careers with the company.

One of the keys to making Fresh Coat stand out from other painting franchise companies is its proprietary software for preparing price quotes for customers. EPIC, the company’s quoting software, takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the task of pricing the painting services offered by each franchise.

The cloud-based software works with any computer or mobile device. Instead of giving customers estimates, EPIC allows a Fresh Coat Painting franchise owner to provide the customer with an exact price for the job.

The software calculates time, materials and labor for a project. Franchisees have an advantage over their local competition by being able to offer customers exact cost breakdowns and the assurance that the price quoted before the job begins will be the price paid at the end.

A company shows its faith in its people – The Winner’s Circle

No one goes into business with the goal of failing. Business owners work hard to be successful and to achieve the financial rewards and peace of mind that come with that success. Fresh Coat has a unique program to reward the success of its franchise owners called the Winner’s Circle.

Owners of Fresh Coat franchises have attainable milestones by which to measure their success. In addition to representing the achievement of the success they wanted from owning their own business, the Winner’s Circle program lets franchisees receive reimbursement of their initial franchise fee.

Making business ownership a reality

The reason why Fresh Coat painting might be one of the best franchises to own is the value the company places on its local owners. Fresh Coat was designed to offer an affordable franchise opportunity and a process to train franchise owners to be successful local business owners. Learn more about the franchise process and the costs of ownership.