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Key Traits & Practices of Successful Franchisees – Part 3

This is the latest entry of a series based on Lora Kellog’s “Are You a Franchise Hero?” article at published on August 17, 2017 where we highlight some important points to being a successful franchisee.

Understanding Your Place in the Lives of Those Around You

Successful franchisees have a lot of influence with the people around them. Since you’re still in business, you’ve obviously introduced a product or service that has added value to the lives of your friends and neighbors. You’ve provided a steady income and benefits to your employees that enables them to pursue the things they enjoy and provide for the people they love. Most likely, you started all this for the benefit, well-being, and happiness of your own family.

While you probably shouldn’t go around trumpeting your awesomeness in public uninvited, you do need to appreciate and value the difference you are making. Humility is good. But false humility is the worst kind of arrogance. In humility, you should acknowledge your need and appreciation for your customers, your employees, and everyone else that has contributed to your success. In fact, when you lose this, you will start to lose their contributions, and you’ll soon be humbled and force to acknowledge those things. But to downplay your success is to downplay their significance in your success. You should recognize that you in fact have great influence in those around you, and you should delight in using it to the best of your ability to benefit both yourself and others.

So, when someone praises you for your success, acknowledge and thank those who have contributed, but use the recognition to further enhance the benefits for you, your company, and those around you. A pro athlete that says he’s not really that good insults his listeners and fans, as well as his team’s wisdom in picking a “not so good” player. But one who acknowledges his teammates, coaches, and fans while using the spotlight to help those around him is not seen as arrogant, but a star who is living up to his potential. Don’t refuse the opportunities that stem from your place as a successful entrepreneur. Embrace them.

Source: Forbes