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Key Traits & Practices of Successful Franchisees- Part 5

In August 2017, Forbes Magazine published a piece by franchising expert Lora Kellogg called “Are You a Franchise Hero?” Here we discuss part five titled “Believe in a Support System” and determine how that fits into becoming a Fresh Coat franchisee.

The Importance Of A Support System

One of the reasons business professionals invest in franchises is the idea that, as a new business owner, the franchisee is not alone in what they are doing. As you consider the variety of affordable franchises available, it is always smart to find the companies that offer the best support to help you run and grow your business.

What does it mean to buy into a franchise company with years of experience and plenty of operational and marketing support? It means that all of the tools you will need to attract clients and do business have already been developed for you. It means that you will avoid the costly mistakes the company has made in the past, and you are handed proven business methods.

When you look to Fresh Coat for a painting franchise opportunity, you will benefit from the programs the company has spent years putting in place. You will work directly with a business coach who will help you understand how to get your company running and maintain success. You will get operational support that prepares you to grow your company, and take on the challenges you will face on a daily basis.

For some franchisees, the stream of support from the company office can start to feel constrictive. Franchise owners need to find ways within the proven system to use their creativity to increase business. Corporate will value input from their franchisees, but those same franchisees must remember to always trust in the proven system that has helped the company to succeed and grow.

The importance of a franchise support system is often challenged after the franchisee feels that they know enough to start running their business without the help of the home office. Most support systems leave plenty of room for franchise owners to be creative, but those systems are also designed to steer franchisees away from possible financial danger.

Strong support from your franchise company includes employee training, comprehensive methods for doing the company accounting and payroll, vendor relationships with suppliers that bring each franchisee maximum profitability, extensive Internet marketing to build local clientele and marketing material designs that are proven to be effective. Instead of spending years developing these processes and losing a lot of money in the process, a franchisee simply plugs in the proven methods of the parent company.

Every successful franchise company talks a great deal about how proud it is of its successful and proven business methods. The company explains how it gives an edge to its franchisees with marketing programs that get results, and how their operational support allows franchisees to grow quickly and become experts in their industry.

In order sustain success in any franchise arrangement, franchisees must buy into and believe in the importance of that support system. The company has invested millions of dollars into developing that support system, and it is there to benefit every franchisee in a wide variety of ways.