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Why Own a Painting Business?

When people investigate options for starting a new business, they inevitably move towards the businesses that seem like they would be the most fun and offer the best chance to make a living. A painting business franchise through Fresh Coat offers you the operational and marketing support you need to succeed. But how can you tell if a painting business is right for you? Aside from being a low cost franchise opportunity, a painting business offers revenue streams most people are not aware of.

You Can Make the Big Bucks

Fresh Coat Franchise Painting Business OwnershipWhen you become a Fresh Coat Franchisee, you will be taught how to maximize your profits by being an efficient painting company and knowing how to use your equipment properly. The residential and commercial painting industry is already businesses with high profit margins, but you can extend those margins when you have marketing and operational support from a company of experts. The reality is that a painting business offers generous profit margins that will make your business grow.

The Competition Does Not Have a Chance

When most people start a painting business, they buy a pair of overalls and start knocking on doors to find customers. But when you own a franchise, your company will have a professional look and give professional results that will blow the competition away.

The next time you are driving around your area, take a look at how many painting jobs are being done by companies with a couple of beat up pickup trucks on the job site versus professional looking organizations. You will find that there is plenty of room for your professional franchise to make the competition look like amateurs.

Good Help Is Easy To Find

One of the benefits of starting painting business is that you will not have a problem finding qualified employees to help your business get off to a fast start. Anyone with any level of home improvement or any type of contracting experience can be trained to be a professional painter. As a Fresh Coat Franchise, you will have all of the information you need to hire and train quality employees.

A Focused Business

There is two very good things about the painting industry in general. In the first place, you will always have plenty of work to do. Secondly, the task of painting is an easily trained vocation. You can choose to be your own job site supervisor, or you can hire one and focus on growing your business. Either way, painting is something that any worker can become an expert in within a short period of time, and that allows you to deliver excellent results to each customer.

Serving Your Entire Community

As a painting business owner, you don’t have to turn down any work that you are given. As a Fresh Coat Franchisee, you can do work for residential, commercial and government customers of any kind. The painting industry demand is always there. This gives you the chance to be a business owner that services the entire community, and that will significantly increase your ability to generate revenue.

Your Expenses Are Relatively Low

A painting business does not need a whole lot of overhead to be successful. You buy paint and disposable materials on a per project basis, you only need a few trucks to get to each job site and your only other major expense would be insurance. As far as start-up costs go, a painting franchise offers some of the best return on your investment that you will find.

If you have always wanted to own your own business, then look into ownership in a Fresh Coat Franchise. The support needed to run a painting business successfully is provided, and you will be able to start a business that will immediately be able to compete for the big painting jobs all over your area. Call (877) 567-3424 for more information on purchasing a franchise.