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Looking Forward to 2018 & Business Strategy

As 2017 winds down, it is time to focus your energy and efforts on finding business success in 2018. January is a month of hope for everyone, and it is the month that people start new endeavors of all kinds. It is the month when people start losing weight, and it is also a time to look into home based franchises for starting your own business. If your dream has always been to start a painting franchise, then Fresh Coat can make that dream come true in 2018.

When you get involved with Fresh Coat, you learn more than how to start a painting business. You learn the important elements of success such as premier customer service and a focus on quality results. The Fresh Coat brand is known around the country for quality work for residential, commercial and government clients. When you buy a franchise for your local area, you will be able to utilize the marketing credibility the brand has established to help your business grow.

In 2018, business owners will want to stay focused on the things that will help them to find success. For example, making sure that your employees are satisfied with their jobs is critical to getting professional results for your clients. This could be the year to offer raises in pay to key employees and possibly even performance bonuses to make sure that all of your employees work towards providing the best results for your customers.

If you are not utilizing social media to find new customers, then 2018 needs to be the year you start expanding your online marketing. In late 2017, Twitter doubled the amount of characters that can be used in each tweet and that creates an opportunity for businesses to reach more potential customers. Facebook now offers free marketing consulting to businesses and that means free advice on how to get even more out of Facebook. Social media is the best way to talk directly to your local customers and it is an excellent way to quickly grow your customer base.

Your current customers can be a great resource for finding future customers and creating a loyal client base. Make 2018 the year you start a customer referral program where you reward current customers for sending future customers your way. You can offer something as simple as $50 for every referral that turns into a paying customer in the residential market, and $100 for every successful referral in the commercial market. There is a good chance that your current customers are already giving you valuable word-of-mouth marketing to the people they know. Now it is time to turn that word-of-mouth marketing into real cash for your business and your customers.

The most successful business owners put together business plans that include gradual expansion. Plan out the expansion of a business to determine how your resources will be used and keep track of important business elements such as hiring the right staffing. In 2018, it is time to put together your expansion plans and guide your business to growth and success.

Fresh Coat offers every franchisee operational and marketing support based on years of experience. You will be able to utilize the national marketing presence of Fresh Coat to set your business ahead of the competition in your local area. When the competition is showing up in old pickup trucks wearing paint-splattered clothes, your crew rolls up in a professional looking truck wearing uniforms. Fresh Coat will give you all of the advice and tools you need to make your painting business a success.

Now is the time to plan for your new business in 2018. Call Fresh Coat and talk to one of their friendly and professional associates to find out exactly what you need to do to make your business dreams come true in 2018. With an affordable franchise from Fresh Coat, there are no more excuses holding you back from the success you deserve.