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1st Time Business Owners Find Their Way in Franchising

If you have ever wanted to start your own business but are afraid because you don’t know the ropes, you are one of millions. Did you know that another group of happier millions exist and that could join them? That group includes those who have mastered running a business by taking their first steps in the world of franchising.

How Does Franchising Help First-Timers?

Franchising is the ultimate method for learning how to run a business while actually running one. Why? Because you aren’t starting from scratch. When you start your franchised business, you are given all the tools you need, as well as the training on how to use them. Basically, you’re given a proven set of tools shown to be able to be mastered by hundreds or even thousands before you.

Our franchise is turnkey. Do you go to the car-dealership to buy a car kit or an already tested, proven car? Shouldn’t your business model work the same way?

What Specifically Are You Getting?

1) National Brand and Reputation

The biggest problem any new business has is letting people know they exist and are capable! With Franchising, you inherit the great reputation of all the owners that came before you.

2) Proven Methodologies

You get these from two sources: First, your franchisor will train you on the system that has proven effective across the nation and in various types of communities everywhere. You will likely gain valuable insight you would have missed on your own, as well as avoiding pitfalls that would have been painful, if not fatal, for your venture on your own.

Second, at Fresh Coat, you get it from fellow franchisees. They’ll share little tricks they learned in very specific scenarios that you might find yourself in. Since all of you are in a protected territory, owners actually cooperate instead of compete. That’s because your success will never hurt them, or vice-versa. In fact, everyone’s success helps everyone else by building brand identity, reputation, and legacy.

3) Technology

It can be tough to swim through the myriad of tech available claiming to fit your needs. But your franchisor has years of experience that has taught them what is both effective and efficient. In many cases, that technology will come as part of your franchise agreement.

4) Marketing Collateral

Don’t know how to design marketing materials? Your franchisor does. Don’t know where to get them produced? Your franchisor may make them for you, or have partnerships available to get them at severely discounted rates compared to your other, local competitors. Design not your forte? Guess what, your franchisor should definitely have designers on staff.

Basically, when you buy a franchise, you are buying your own team of professional experts and resources. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and a Franchise Director will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.