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Launching Your Fresh Coat Franchise

One of the most common concerns when people are considering opening their own business is, “What about the transition time?” This is an understandable concern. Fortunately, at Fresh Coat Painters, we have a proven history that shows we excel at helping people keep the transition period short, and quickly reaching the phase where you are bringing in consistent revenue. Those steps are:

  1. Helping you pick a territory ripe for the Fresh Coat System
  2. Creating your website
  3. Getting your systems set up before you open for business

Let’s take a look at these in detail.

Picking an Outstanding Territory

At Fresh Coat, we have access to all the latest demographic research, and we use that to ensure you pick a territory that is already primed for your new business. With decades of experience, we know where our clients are, their behaviors, and, of course, their location. You and your Franchise Director will go over the general area you want to open your Fresh Coat business in, and we’ll help custom-craft you an exclusive territory filled with literally hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. No hunches. No dart-throwing. We use the most recent statistics and research so that when your phones go live, they’re ringing in no time!

Creating Your Website

There are two places most people will hear about your business: referrals, and the web. Obviously, when you first open, referrals aren’t an option. Fortunately, the exact void in the market Fresh Coat fills is that good, reputable painters are so hard to find, so most people are using Google to find their painters. We make sure that you not only have a professional, beautiful site to help customers understand your valuable services, we also make sure they can find that site. We’ll teach you how to market on Social Media, Google AdWords (PPC), and other digital mediums to drive people to your site in a cost-effective manner. We make sure that once you’re open, you don’t have to find clients; they’re finding you.

Getting Your Systems a Go for Launch

At Fresh Coat, we have partnered with nationally recognized partners for everything you’ll need. Accounting/Payroll, phone answering service, a
relationship and discount at your local Sherwin-Williams, your site discussed earlier. No headache over trying to get a your new systems in place; we’ll help you get it all ready for you from the start, so that technical hiccups aren’t holding you back from seeing the first of that incoming cash flow.

Why Wait?

As you can see, there is no need for a long transition time when opening your own Fresh Coat franchise. Of course, the longer you wait to start, the more time that wastes away until you are working for yourself. Don’t wait. Contact us today!