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Military Skills Help Fresh Coat Franchisees Thrive

When you were in the military, you learned how to teach. Whether it was teaching a new recruit their role, explaining to your CO the situations encountered and methodologies that had (or had not) worked thus far, you became a teacher. The military depends on effective communication and understanding in order to function successfully. And teaching is, essentially, effectively passing on information, procedures, and ideas to others around you.

Here are a couple of ways you’ll be able to effectively teach others as a franchise owner, using your military background:

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In the military, when you were training someone on a new piece of equipment or weaponry, you didn’t just give them cognitive knowledge and send them out with a shrug and go, “Let’s see how they do.” Part of the training was overseeing them in the field.

The same is true with your Fresh Coat franchise. No, you won’t be teaching them how to paint; unless you happen to come from a long line of painters, they’ll know more about the technical skill than you. But, as a Fresh Coat franchise, that’s not what your customers are buying from you. They are paying for the Fresh Coat experience. That means showing up on time, every time. It means showing respect for the client’s home. It means treating their property and time as more valuable than your own. And that is something you can teach.

If you have a team of painters that are doing great work as far as painting, but your customers feel they were not treated as they had hoped, go out into the field. Show them how to quote, how to talk to clients. No doubt the military drilled respect and a proper show of courtesy into your training. Teach your teams the same thing.

Get to Know Your Personnel

When you led a team or unit in the military, you got to know each man and woman personally. You knew what made them tick, what concerned them, and you used that knowledge to lead them as effectively as possible by helping them overcome weaknesses, get the most out of their strengths, and keep morale up.

The same is true of your painting teams. From the team leader to individual painters, learn your personnel. Finding ways to keep them motivated and on tasks will both make them more productive, meaning more money in your pocket, and keep them excited to work for you, reducing turnover and down time.

Ready to learn more ways that your military background can help make you an excellent Fresh Coat franchisee? Contact us today to speak to a Franchising Director and see how you can own your slice of the American Dream today!