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Investing in a Franchise Vs. Buying an Off-the-Shelf System


In your time spent researching home service business opportunities, you may have run across ads from companies selling business systems that offer “a cheap way” to start your own painting business. The allure is that for a one-time fee, you are promised the same business plan that you’d get with a franchise, including training and support without the recurring franchise fees and royalties. What do you really get? Ultimately, it’s just another case of getting what you pay for.

These types of companies offer a generic business plan. After you pay their fee, you’re allowed access to read and follow the business plan off their website.

We Are Vested in Your Personal Success

As a franchisor, Strategic Franchising is vested in your personal success. Our proven business model will not require you read through a list of online documents and hope you follow the process. We have processes that we guide you through your entire life as a franchisee. Strategic Franchising assigns every franchisee their own business coach who will monitor your progress and provide guidance as well as warn of potential missteps.

Companies that offer cheap business systems to start a business claim to provide ongoing training and support through their online documents, videos, help desk and community forum.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Once they have your money, how do they benefit from providing you with support a week, a month, a year from now? They offer an online forum where you may or may not get your questions answered. The forum members do not get paid to help each other.

Ongoing Franchise Training and Support

Strategic Franchising is different. We have a tangible stake in the success of your franchise. When we talk about ongoing training and support, it’s not just lip service. In addition to assigning you a business coach who is paid by us to address your questions and issues in a timely manner, we also provide incentives for our community of franchisees to help each other out.

Additionally, we have a staff of industry experts who regularly offer technical training classes for new and existing franchisees. Our staff provides professional continuing education courses for commercial painting and blueprint reading. We have found that continued training makes a world of difference for our franchisees in this ever-changing industry.

Finally, to address the elephant in the room, let’s talk about cost. No business system can guarantee success. If they claim they do, that’s a huge red flag. Yes, business systems are often significantly cheaper than a franchise fee. Owning any franchise will also incur royalties.

Let’s examine where your money goes:

THEM: A company that offers a one-time fee for access to their business system online: documents, videos and a community forum, provide the same access for every person – whether you have years of experience in the painting industry or none at all. That is all you get.

US: With Strategic Franchising, the revenue we generate from the franchise fee and royalties are reinvested back into the company in the form of franchisee benefits such as:

  • A nationally recognized and trusted brand
  • High-quality supplies and top-notch services at huge discounts from our national affiliations/partnerships
  • Proprietary quoting software that accurately calculates time, materials and labor for any job
  • Turnkey digital and print marketing materials customized for all your advertising campaigns and grass roots promotions across your targeted demographic in your territory
  • Personal business and marketing coaching and strategy
  • On-site training sessions taught by industry experts
  • These continuing benefits help to mitigate many risks of failure.

Seeking Highly Motivated Owners

Ultimately, your business’ success will boil down to how much effort you put into it. We don’t sell franchises to the highest bidder. Strategic Franchising seeks highly motivated people that are confident in doing what it takes to become a successful business owner. We’ve even gone so far as to offer a way for our franchisees to earn back their entire franchise fee by meeting certain milestones. No other company comes close to doing something like this for their owners.

We are vested in you as an owner and we are aligned with your goals. Your success is our success.

Contact us today to learn how you can become part of the Fresh Coat family.