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E-Z Pay: Fresh Coat’s Newest Payment Program is Designed to Make Every Project Accessible to Every Budget.

Every day, homeowners; old or young, realtors; commercial or residential, and those buying or selling a home, find themselves in need of a quality, trustworthy, painting service… and every day, far too many of these prospective clients find the services they need are just too costly. For too long, to cut cost, clients that need an exterior painted have settled for an interior. And clients who hoped for a repainted interior, have settled for a one or two rooms. Meanwhile, painting businesses are losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue due to the financial constraints of their clients. The painting franchise, Fresh Coat has recently unveiled a new program to combat this common issue. With Fresh Coat E-Z Pay, Fresh Coat Franchisees can now extend an exclusive line of credit (same as cash at 0%) to their customers. Since the program’s launch earlier this year, both Fresh Coat Owners and their clients have expressed how E-Z Pay has improved their options and augmented their budgets.

For All Types of Home Owners

According to Mike H., a Fresh Coat Owner out of Texas, E-Z Pay hasn’t just helped his franchise gain business, but has actually resulted in expansion of projects already underway. “Recently, a client found out about the 0% financing through E-Z Pay and decided to take a $6,000 project and turn it into an $11,000 job.” Mike went on to state how both older and younger clients have utilized E-Z Pay for their respective needs. “We have elderly clients on a fixed income where E-Z Pay was the only way they could have gotten their homes painted. There are also younger clients who have told us that we might not have been the lowest bid, but the option to finance made all the difference.”

For Homes Going to Market

Though E-Z Pay has proven to be a major selling point for franchisees, it is not a stand-alone program. With Fresh Coat’s VIP Realtor Program, across the country, realtors preparing to take a house to market, use their local Fresh Coat Franchise as their preferred painting service. With both programs working hand in hand, E-Z Pay isn’t only useful for home owners, but for those actively selling their homes as well.

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