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Don’t Distance from the Dream

For the past month, Fresh Coat has been monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the safety of our staff, our franchise owners and their customers. In an effort to contain the spread of the virus, Fresh Coat has instituted new processes that prioritize the well-being of the current Fresh Coat family and potential franchise owners during the path to ownership.

Fresh Coat has successfully adapted to the new health guidelines, and continues to provide the same high level of commitment and energy, while guiding and supporting all current and potential franchise owners.

It's situations like these where you can see how Fresh Coat is able to react and adjust quickly to the needs of the brand and owners. When asked about Fresh Coat’s strategy, Steve Kwon, the Senior Vice President of Franchising added: “I want to give kudos to our entire organization. Our rapid transition from face-to-face visits to a customized virtual experience ensures that Fresh Coat candidates remain safe in their homes during this time. And like all our corporate visits, this allows them to participate in strategy sessions with our professional business coaches and meet with our leadership team to game plan their business launch. To ensure the highest chance of success, we will continue to leverage our state-of-the art technology and resources.” By overcoming challenges, effectively communicating, and working together to leverage expertise and specialized skills, we're prepared to continue to assist candidates who are interested in investigating opportunities.

Take This Time for Yourself

Many people are taking this time as an opportunity to focus on themselves and getting around to their “to-do lists.” Maybe it’s time to ask yourself, what do you want to achieve during this time? Whether it’s reading a book, finally getting around to cleaning, etc. we have the time to accomplish these tasks.

Think about your career. Do you want “business owner” as your next title? There is no reason to put this dream on hold. Now can be the time to explore opportunities to find the best fit for you. Exploring these opportunities now ensures for a strategic business launch when the economy bounces back. In fact, other countries have begun to see normalcy in society, businesses are re-opening and citizens are getting back to their normal activities [1]. One thing everyone knows for sure, is that America will recover.

Our team is dedicated to working with you to discuss if this is the best opportunity for your future. Looking forward, with all this free time from working from home and/or practicing social distancing, now can be the perfect time to investigate all possible options. In the current situation, there is time to research and explore options, so there doesn’t have to be a delay in any of your pursuits.

Justin Engelbach and Family, Fresh Coat Owner in Santa Barbara since 2013

Fresh Coat Owner and Family

Erick Estrada and Family, Fresh Coat Owner Since 2016

Fresh Coat Invests in You

Since people are taking this time for themselves, Fresh Coat wants to return the favor. For those who take this time to investigate business ownership in Fresh Coat, we have adapted our training programs to provide flexibility in our business plan and to ensure there is the perfect launch period for all new owners.

“And like all our corporate visits, this allows them to participate in strategy sessions with our professional business coaches and meet with our leadership team to game plan their business launch.”

Corporate Visits Go Virtual

Due to an increased interest, Fresh Coat has adapted the franchise discovery process to include a virtual presentation allowing them to meet the team. In fact, potential owners are already attending corporate visits in the safety of their own home. These visits make meeting our support team convenient and flexible because there is limited travel at this time.

Candidates will engage in the full experience of the in-person visits, which now features customized and interactive visits with the marketing, operations, support and executive teams. Our team will maximize the time for an informative visit that everyone will get to know the team on a personal level and walk through the portfolio of support and resources our team gives everyone in the franchise system.

Fresh Coat Painters will always be there to guide you with support, no matter the circumstance.

For more information on safety precausions during this time, please visit

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