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Fresh Coat of Denton Saves The Day

We want to give a shout out to Fresh Coat of Denton owners, Bret and Lacy Mitchell, who stepped in to help a local non-profit during these difficult times. United Through H.O.P.E. originally hired a company for a flooring project and the contractor backed out at the last minute. Fortunately, Fresh Coat Painters of Denton has workers who are knowledgeable in flooring and swooped in to finish the project. Without Fresh Coat’s crew taking initiative to help finish up this project efficiently and professionally, United Through H.O.P.E.’s schedule would have been disrupted and they would be unable to provide transitional housing to tenants. Again, we want to praise Fresh Coat of Denton for doing a stellar job and helping this community non-profit.

After completing the projects, United Through HOPE posted on Facebook to thank Fresh Coat Painters of Denton: “Thank you Fresh Coat Painters of Denton and its owner Bret Mitchell for caring so much about our Transitions Housing Tenants!! This company is amazing, professional, caring, & excellent in their work.”

We are proud of the success of our franchise owners, and it helps that franchisees are backed by a large support system. Having the support of the franchise system behind you, means you are never alone and have a team of resources there for you. Our operations team prepares new and current owners on how to emulate a professional painting franchise in their respective communities.

As part of the Fresh Coat team, we take pride in providing quality and professional work to positively impact the community. Bret and Lacy Mitchell exemplify Fresh Coat, and this is just one example of how Fresh Coat Franchise Owners are more than a painting franchise but a trusted resource in their neighborhood.