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The Value of Fresh Coat’s Commercial Painting Services

When a potential customer seeks out a commercial painting company, they arrive with a list of steep demands and expectations. Just by the nature of business, their concerns typically outweigh those of an individual homeowner wanting to repaint a bedroom or freshen their exterior trim. Depending on the nature of the business, commercial customers are especially worried about how much downtime will be involved, potential damage to equipment, durability of materials, and accountability. 

For the service provider, the stakes are also high. Foremost, it is imperative to be able to correctly assess the scope of a commercial project and accurately estimate what it will cost. Commercial projects also require larger crews and all the management duties and paperwork that entails. Finally, customer service — often a challenging part of the trade — must be upheld to the highest standards.

Clearly, whether you are the purchasers or the providers of commercial painting services, it can be overwhelming. Fresh Coat has the means to lessen the burden all around, and our commitment to excellence makes our company stand out. The company equips our franchisees with the full spectrum of support, expertise, and technology required to satisfy a commercial customer’s every need and concern.  Support for both the residential and commercial lines of business are provided to franchisees as part of the same franchise agreement, meaning there are no additional franchising costs associated with adding commercial projects to your Fresh Coat business.

Our Customer Service Advantage

Right out of the gate, our commercial customers know we are serious. Fresh Coat offers a 3-3-3 pledge. That means we promise to answer a potential customer’s call within three minutes, deliver a quote within three days, and begin the project within three weeks. 

  • Fresh Coat provides potential clients expert consultations, listening to needs, and recommending specific ways to make the project a success. 
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to be the customer’s contact person all the way through. The customer never has to guess about what happens next or wonder whom to call with questions.
  • The customers rest assured that the people working on their property are part of a highly qualified, in-house team. All staff is screened, insured, and bonded.
  • We care about the well-being of the customer’s employees and clients, so our products literally provide a breath of fresh air. Customers appreciate that our products are harmless and durable. We work solely with premium-quality Sherwin-Williams® paints that are eco-friendly, low-odor, fast-drying, and safe. 
  • We provide a one- or two-year limited warranty for our services. 
  • We can offer a range of financing options. 
  • We ensure clients we will use the utmost care to protect furniture, sensitive office or medical equipment, inventory, windows, and flooring.

Our Value to You as a Commercial Painter

Commercial markets are lucrative and provide a more steady revenue stream because seasonality of business isn't a factor.  However, navigating this market alone can be tricky. Fresh Coat franchises are equipped to compete at the highest level. No commercial project is too small or too big — from a boutique or bistro to a sprawling apartment complex or shopping center. We are recognized specialists in painting office environments, including medical and dental offices, government buildings, apartments, universities and schools. Homeowners’ associations also know they can count on us to meet their specific needs. 

  • Our commercial customers are confident that we can handle specialty prep work that is often necessary in old or institutional buildings, such as repairing cracked plaster and damaged drywall. Other specialty services might include applying epoxy on school flooring or doing textured ceiling painting in apartments. 
  • One of the most cumbersome parts of owning your own commercial painting business is having to stock and store adequate inventory. Fresh Coat takes this burden out of your hands. Our partnership with Sherwin Williams® makes their store your warehouse. 
  • You don’t want to lose money at the end of a project because your estimate was off. Fresh Coat provides its franchise owners with proprietary software to ensure accurate quoting. This enables you to provide your customers with solid quotes, never estimates. 
  • Are you missing phone calls from potential customers? You won’t with our 24/7 call center. You also won’t be missing any leads for new clients because our marketing department is on that too.
  • We know our franchise owners are going to be successful because we offer the personal business coaching and training that will make it a reality. Franchisees learn how to staff and run their business from day one. 

Could Fresh Coat be the fresh business approach you’re looking for? We invite you to explore both the consumer and franchise portions of our website to truly appreciate what sets us apart. Click here to request an e-brochure about what it takes to start a Fresh Coat franchise.