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Fresh Coat Rookie of the Year: Corey & Brittany Tuttle

Fresh Coat is proud to announce its Rookie of the Year winners Corey & Brittany Tuttle of Fresh Coat Painters of Fairborn. “Corey is a brand builder and a positive validator to fellow owners and prospects. " says Alyssa Holton, Fresh Coat business coach. The Tuttles earned this achievement by meeting the following brand criteria:  following the Fresh Coat business model, making a positive contribution back to the system, and achieving the highest revenue & net profit in their  “Rookie Class” during their first 12 months of operation.

Corey and his wife Brittany launched their business at the end of 2019, just 3 months before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Despite a tumultuous 2020 for most business owners, this power duo proved that success in the midst of great challenges can be achieved by  those with a strong vision, a well thought out strategy, and a relentless drive toward their goals.

About the Tuttles 

Corey began his career while serving in the Marine Corps for ten and a half years where he met his wife, Brittany.  The couple now has four wonderful children.  After completing his military service, Corey decided to continue his education. Currently, he is near completion of his MBA, and on track to achieve a doctorate degree in business. After his service Corey also had a desire to pursue his dream of owning and operating his own business.  Now as  the owners  of Fresh Coat Painters of Fairborn, Corey & Brittany are breaking records.

Why Franchising? 

Upon making the decision to pursue his dream of business ownership, Corey recognized that starting his own painting business from scratch would be met with considerable challenges. Although he has the background and education needed to create a new business from the ground up, Corey recognized the significant time and resources that would be needed to do so. Because he planned to continue working his full time job while he ramped up a new business, he knew he needed to find a better way.  Ultimately, franchising proved to be the perfect solution with a streamlined business plan, proven systems that are easy to follow, marketing & technology support, and ongoing coaching from the home office.

Fresh Coat Painting Business

Why Fresh Coat?

After deciding to search for the right franchise, Corey researched and vetted 4 separate painting brands. Ultimately, he decided on Fresh Coat Painters after his corporate visit when he saw firsthand the kind of support he could expect from this brand.  Not only would Fresh Coat provide an established brand with over 175 territories nationwide, proven systems, extensive ongoing training and help with marketing, it was also clear that the home office team was willing to go the extra mile to help Corey address any challenges that may come up to ensure no areas of his operation would be overlooked.

Road to Success

Upon launching Fresh Coat Painters of Fairborn Corey was working his  full-time office job and being a full-time family man. With his busy schedule, he recognized to be successful, things would need to change. His Fresh Coat business coach helped him devise a plan to transition from his full-time employee role to a full time business owner role. As part of the transition plan, Corey connected with his neighboring Fresh Coat Painters owner,  who was able to provide support by offering numerous resources for qualified employees and potential project leads. After 4 months, Corey was able to quit his full-time office job to focus solely on operating his new business. Corey and Brittany have reached many remarkable milestones since opening, however, one of their most notable achievements was obtaining several  commercial accounts within a few months of operation. The Tuttles have proven that by combining vision, strategy, and perseverance with the right franchise brand in the home improvement industry, dreams of successful business ownership can become a reality. Congratulations to our  “Rookie of the Year” Fresh Coat Painters of Fairborn, owned by Corey and Brittany Tuttle.

About Fresh Coat

Fresh Coat is a home-based, low-cost franchise that offers industry-leading profit margins with multiple revenue streams from residential, commercial and government projects. Our proven business model offers proprietary software for easy quoting, lead generation, guidance for generating commercial business opportunities, and support.   

If you are interested in learning how to tap into the booming home improvement industry by becoming a Fresh Coat franchise owner, click here.