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Meet Fresh Coat’s Newest Franchise Owners

During the second quarter of 2021, Fresh Coat Painters continued to achieve great success with growing the number of locations, as well as, significantly increasing sales revenue. The Fresh Coat foot print expanded in Illinois, Arizona,  California, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

Meet our freshest franchise owners:

Jeff Granger, Fresh Coat Painters of Ithaca

“I was employee number five at my last company and, for more than two decades, I focused on nurturing partner relationships, organizational structure, growth and building the company. I understand what it takes to build a sustainable, success company and to provide excellent quality and customer service. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing with Fresh Coat Painters of Ithaca,” Granger said.

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Land & Cruz, Fresh Coat Painters of The Colony

“We’ve had the opportunity to work for others and to help them build their companies, but we were ready to do something for ourselves, our family and our community. Fresh Coat Painters is a great opportunity to bring a new level of professionalism to the painting industry here and to help our neighbors love their homes,” Jessica said.

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Kelly Family, Fresh Coat Painters of Kernersville

“We are long-time residents of this community and we saw an opportunity to bring a much-needed service and a high-quality company to the area. Fresh Coat Painters is unique because of the commitment to professionalism. We are looking forward to showing our clients how stress free working with a painting company can be," Valerie said. 

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Kelly Family owners of Fresh Coat of Kernersville
Riley Cox, Owner of Fresh Coat Painters Of Lodi

Riley Cox, Fresh Coat Painters Of Lodi

“I had a good job, but it was pulling me away from my family and it didn’t give me the opportunity to grow. I’m looking forward to building a legacy for my family, creating jobs in this community and raising the bar in the painting industry," said Riley.

Click here to learn more about Riley Cox.

Steven Fields, Fresh Coat Painters Of Chandler

“Our goal is to build relationships with our customers. We don’t just want to want to come in, paint and leave. We want you to be so happy that you tell your friends and family about us. We want you to call us again for your next project. We want to build a relationship with you. To do that, we have to provide a top-notch customer service experience and leave you with an awesome completed project. That’s our standard," Steven said. 

Click here to learn more about Steven Fields.

M. Omar Khan, Fresh Coat Painters Of  Downers Grove

“It can be stressful to find a painting company you can trust. As a Fresh Coat Painters franchise, we do what we say we’ll do every time. We’ll be on time and our quotes are firm. That might sound simple, but it’s not the experience many people are used to getting from a painting company. We’re raising the bar," said Khan.

Click here to learn more about M. Omar Khan.

Justin Wondries, Fresh Coat Painters Of Glendale, CA

“I had a business of my own doing construction and larger projects, but I decided to launch Fresh Coat Painters serving Glendale because I was ready for a more professional business providing a more specific suite of services,” Wondries said. “Fresh Coat Painters is different from other painting companies because of our focus on quality control and our access to national tools and resources. It’s all about Painting Done Right®," said Justin.

Click here to learn more about Justin Wondries.

Though these new owners came from varying backgrounds, they all saw the value in investing in a franchise in the booming home improvement industry. Fresh Coat Painters provides franchisees with proven systems and ongoing training for both residential and commercial lines of business. If you’d like to know more about how to become a Fresh Coat owner, fill out an inquiry form now.