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Home Improvement Business: What to Know Before You Begin

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The home services sector is booming: At least 3 percent of the United States workforce is employed in the home services industry, and approximately 5 million people perform skilled trades related to home improvement, HomeAdvisor reports. To put it in perspective, that’s equivalent to the population of the state of South Carolina.

That makes it easy to understand why owning a home improvement business can help create a path toward wealth and entrepreneurship. The key is to choose the right business venture. 

The unique challenges of 2020 made many Americans re-prioritize their lives  and focus on family. In addition to a renewed focus on work-life balance, many people took inventory of their homes and started many home improvement projects to make their homes a sanctuary.

While some industries struggled,  CNBC reported that sales at home improvement giants like The Home Depot and Lowe’s soared during the pandemic.. Homeowners added swimming pools, converted bedrooms into home offices, reupholstered furniture, and painted interiors. Along the way, many people discovered certain decorating choices, including neutral color palettes and access to natural light, can create a peaceful atmosphere and help relieve stress, fueling the home services boom. Americans are now completing approximately 511,345,000 home service jobs each year, or about 16 jobs per second. 

Starting a home improvement business can help you capitalize on consumer trends and help your career flourish. But starting a home improvement business by yourself can be challenging. Developing a brand, finding customers, securing equipment, hiring staff,  mapping out services, and executing marketing efforts is a lot to tackle for a new business owner. The right home improvement franchise, however, can help you get a business started quickly and efficiently.

The Fresh Coat Advantage

Fresh Coat, the nation’s leading home and commercial painting franchise, has proven systems that allow entrepreneurs to use their unique backgrounds and business skills to capitalize on the booming home services sector. No painting experience is required and it is recommended that franchise owners focus on running the business rather than working in the business Our mission is to train owners to run a professional business that hires skilled painters as employees to ensure customers receive quality work.

Fresh Coat offers multiple revenue streams and is like having two businesses in one. In addition to interior and exterior residential painting services, Fresh Coat has a robust strategy to grow its commercial painting and services business. Fresh Coat  provides commercial lead generation initiatives for franchise owners at no additional cost.   In the first quarter of 2021, Fresh Coat received more than $10 million in commercial leads. On top of helping generate commercial business, Fresh Coat provides proprietary software for easy quoting for commercial and residential customers and a 24/7 call center to efficiently manage leads.

How Fresh Coat Helps Franchise Owners Succeed

Fresh Coat  franchise owners are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Fresh Coat has an entire marketing department dedicated to helping drive business, and franchise owners can take advantage of their network of peers to learn best practices and share resources.  

“I felt like the operations staff and support staff at the home office cared about me as an owner,” says Rich Whitaker, a Fresh Coat franchise owner. “Not only did they have the systems in place that would help me, but I felt like they cared about me as a person.”

Fresh Coat franchise owners operate a home-based business to help save on overhead costs and create a satisfying work-life balance. Additionally, Fresh Coat has partnerships with Sherwin Williams premium brands to manage inventory and reduce the need for storage. 

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