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Fresh Coat: A Conversation with Brian Santos

Meet Brian Santos

A Peek Behind the Fresh Coat Painters Curtain with Brian Santos 

Although he is the Director of Education for Fresh Coat Painters, you may know Brian Santos as “The Wall Wizard”. Brian is a fourth-generation painting contractor, the author of eight best-selling home improvement books, and has toured for more than 25 years with his “Wizard Workshops” that empower audiences with the simple tips, tricks, and techniques for successful home improvement projects. 

His Role with Fresh Coat Painters

Brian Santos became connected with Fresh Coat Painters when, as a guest speaker and presenter at the Home and Garden Show in Austin, Texas, an audience member introduced herself after the show. The audience member happened to be Fresh Coat Painters Brand President Tara Riley, “and so it began…,” he says. 

Brian is passionate about entrepreneurialism and sharing his experience to help others reach their goals. Looking back, he wishes he had a network of support when he was running his business. Now he strongly believes in providing this value to Fresh Coat Painters’ franchise owners. 

The role of Director of Education, held by Brian, is unique to Fresh Coat Painters and is the only role of this kind within any painting or home improvement franchise. Brian was brought on to the Fresh Coat Painters team to educate and share his knowledge of the industry and business ownership within the industry to new and established franchise owners. He shares his expertise  and provides direction on a variety of topics important to franchise owners, including:

  • How to get painters
  • How to train painters
  • Presenting the organization with professionalism
  • Being an entrepreneur in every sense of the word

Why Franchise?  

As a pivotal leader in the home improvement industry, Brian sees advantages of owning a Fresh Coat Painters franchise versus owning your own painting business, which include: 

  • The training and support are unmatched - At Fresh Coat Painters, franchise owners are assured that they will “go into business for yourself, not by yourself.” Each franchise owner is assigned a business coach and liaison to help address questions, evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and help adjust the owners’ personal business mindset and strategies as needed. Of course, franchise owners have direct access to Brian in his role as the Director of Education, as well as other industry experts to help with unique challenges encountered in the process of providing customers the highest level of service. 
  • Invaluable Peer Network and Support - As Brian is quick to point out, “I wish I had that when I owned my own business for 40 years in the San Francisco area. I had two helpers, trial and error!” Rather, with Fresh Coat Painters, franchise owners are invited to attend a variety of events at which they are able to exchange ideas, share experiences, success stories, and challenges, and to support one another and collaborate. 

What Does it Take to be a Franchise Owner? 

When asked what it takes to start a home improvement franchise like Fresh Coat Painters, Brian notes that, “You need to want to be in business, but you don’t need to know the business.” He goes on to say, “We can teach processes, systems, and technology but we cannot teach the drive to succeed.”

Why the Painting Industry?

So, of all the franchise ownership opportunities out there, why choose the painting industry? Well, like Brian says, “SomeBODY has to do it.” He explains, “Painting and wall coverings cannot be automated or done by a computer. It will always be around and it will always need to be done by a person.”

And, of course, home services are extremely lucrative and will not become obsolete. Did you know that the average household spends $1000 per year on painting services? Brian shares what he has found to be a typical timeline of adulthood, all of which includes periodic painting projects:

  • Buy a house
    • Paint the house
  • Have a baby 
    • Paint the room
  • Child grows to start school
    • Update the room
  • Another child / Buy another house
    • Again painting

  • … and so on! 

A life/business balance is a core tenet of Fresh Coat Painters. Rather than work 80 hours a week until burn out sets in, ownership of a Fresh Coat Painters franchise allows for a balance between a successful business and the time to enjoy that success. Fresh Coat Painters offers franchise owners a proven system, operational and marketing support along the way, and an engaged owner network to make the dream of business ownership a reality. 

Owning a Fresh Coat franchise has never been easier and you can be up and running in just a few months. Check out our 8 Steps to Owning a Fresh Coat Franchise, and you will be well on your way!