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Perks of Starting a Franchise

Perks of Starting a Franchise

Owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Franchising can be an attractive investment for experienced executives, prior business owners, retired military professionals, and individuals with a variety of life experiences who have the proven leadership skills needed. And with low start-up and operating costs, franchise ownership may be the most straightforward path to owning a business and becoming your own boss. 

Franchise ownership allows you to invest in a reputable brand with a proven model for success while realizing the dream of flexible self-employment. Here are just a few perks of starting a franchise.

  • Own Your Own Business - When you own a franchise, you drive your business to success because you own the business. You have the ability to execute your vision and reap the rewards using a proven business model that can be launched relatively quickly for a low investment. 
  • National Brand Recognition - Owning a franchise provides national brand power and turnkey marketing campaigns so you don’t have to spend your time building awareness and creating a marketing plan for your business. 
  • Established Products and Services - The franchisor offers a proven model of products and services that have been tested so that you can be confident in what you are offering to your customers. 
  • No Experience Necessary - Initial and ongoing training is provided when you become a franchise owner, so you just need leadership skills, a commitment to success, and a willingness to trust the guidance of the franchisor. 
  • A Built-In Support Network - Owning a franchise provides ongoing operational and marketing support, as well as the opportunity to collaborate and network with other franchise owners. 

As a Fresh Coat franchise owner, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the independence and fulfillment of owning your own business along with the support, knowledge, and tools of a national brand. And rest assured that Fresh Coat is not a traditional franchise with a large inventory, high overhead or big investment fees. Rather it offers an opportunity to own a home-based, low investment, low overhead business in a high-growth industry.

Even better, with Fresh Coat you can get your franchise free with the Winner’s Circle program. You can have your initial franchise fee refunded to you just by reaching certain attainable milestones. The success of Fresh Coat is directly linked to the success of the individual franchise owners and the Winner’s Circle provides an incentive for the best entrepreneurs to choose to be a Fresh Coat franchise partner. 

The success of Fresh Coat franchise owners is due to both the proven system and the hard work of the owners, but also to the fact that the painting industry is a $140 billion industry that consistently grows year over year. The fact is that the demand for painting services is there and is growing. That makes now the perfect time to establish your own Fresh Coat franchise. 

When you are ready to explore this possibility to own your own Fresh Coat franchise, learn about the next steps in this life-changing journey, and let’s get started.