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Winning Concept: 5 Reasons To Start a Painting Franchise

Winning Concept: 5 Reasons To Start a Painting Franchise

It probably goes without saying that the home improvement industry is thriving. While many small businesses had fewer customers and were forced to cut back on services during the pandemic, companies in the home services industry saw profits climb and had to add employees to keep up with demand. 

So, of all the home improvement franchise ownership opportunities out there, why choose the painting industry? According to Fresh Coat’s “Wall Wizard,” Brian Santos, “SomeBODY has to do it.” He explains, “Painting and wall coverings cannot be automated or done by a computer. It will always be around and it will always need to be done by a person.” In fact, the average household spends $1000 per year on painting services. 

Benefits of Owning a Painting Franchise

Fresh Coat is a results-driven franchise opportunity in the booming home services sector. Named a Top 500 Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2021, Fresh Coat is a nationally recognized painting and home services company. Becoming a franchise owner does not require painting experience, rather franchisees focus on managing and growing their business and leave the painting to the professionals. 

Franchising can be an attractive investment for experienced executives, prior business owners, retired military professionals, and individuals with a variety of life experiences who have the proven leadership skills needed. And with low start-up and operating costs, franchise ownership may be the most straightforward path to owning a business and becoming your own boss. 

Franchise ownership allows you to invest in a reputable brand with a proven model for success while realizing the dream of flexible self-employment. Here are just a few benefits of becoming a Fresh Coat franchise owner.

  1. High Demand Industry. The painting industry is a $140 billion industry that consistently grows year over year. There are a number of niche markets you can choose to focus your painting franchise on that include residential, commercial, interior, and exterior. The options really are endless. Not only is the market large with a wide variety of specialization options, but it is also a recurring market. Even though a home or business is painted once, it will likely need to be repeated on a somewhat regular basis, creating the opportunity for strong repeat business. 
  2. Multiple Revenue Streams. Fresh Coat offers multiple revenue streams for its franchise owners that include six services in three markets: interior painting, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, exterior painting, cabinet & deck staining, and pressure washing to customers in the residential, commercial, and government markets. Fresh Coat recently expanded its commercial painting division, adding a dedicated support team to drive sales and provide crucial training to franchise owners.
  3. Trusted Brand. Owning a franchise provides national brand power and turnkey marketing campaigns so you don’t have to spend your time building awareness and creating a marketing plan for your business. With locations in more than 100 cities across the country, Fresh Coat has built a solid reputation as a leader in the painting industry. 
  4. Proven Business Model. Franchising gives business owners the opportunity to own a business with a proven track record of success. Fresh Coat ensures its franchise owners have the training and tools to hit the ground running with their new business. Fresh Coat offers franchise owners a proven system, operational and marketing support along the way, and an engaged owner network to make the dream of business ownership a reality. 
  5. Low Overhead. Fresh Coat is designed to be accessible to anyone with the desire to succeed, offering a low-investment, low-overhead business opportunity. Even better, with Fresh Coat you can get your franchise fee refunded with the Winner’s Circle program simply by reaching certain attainable milestones. 

Learn More About Fresh Coat

When you are ready to explore this possibility to own your own Fresh Coat franchise, learn about the next steps in this life-changing journey, and let’s get started.