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Time Management Tips for Franchise Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Time Management Tips for Franchise Owners and Entrepreneurs

Owning a franchise comes with valuable perks, like established operational systems to help get you started. Such as, branding, marketing support, and lead generation assistance. However, it doesn’t come with innate abilities to efficiently stay on task and manage your time. As business owners, each day demands attention outside of the scope of selling products and services - more working in the business versus on the business. Developing and cultivating strong time and task management skills will make owning your own business that much easier, and less stressful.

These task and time management tips, when adhered to and followed daily, will keep you on track and focused to serve your customers and employees.

  1. Use your calendar - religiously. Don’t just schedule your meetings or calls there, reserve time for the unknowns. Recognize that unforeseen events will occur each day and allow enough padding in your schedule to address the most pressing situations with ease and focus. Further, you may want to consider organizational apps for calendar management, note-taking, and time tracking to boost your productivity. 
  2. Prioritize your tasks, in a way that is the most productive way for your management style. With many recommendations on how to break down your work into the most urgent and important tasks to the longer, more pie-in-the-sky initiatives, organize your “to-dos” in a way that meets the daily needs of your organization. Whether you employ the Eisenhower Matrix of completing the most urgent tasks first or the ABC Method of ranking your list in order of importance, consistently follow the system that works the best for you and serves your employees. 
  3. Focus - sounds easier than it is. Stop multitasking and dedicate yourself to committing one thing at a time with your full attention. Try it for a few weeks and evaluate your efficiency and finished product. 
  4. Minimize distractions. For many small business owners, background noise at your office, email and app notifications, and unannounced vendor visits are just a few of the disruptions that impact your ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Set boundaries and control your environment, by silencing your phone, closing your office door, and establishing focused, blocked time on your calendar. 
  5. Dedicate time to opportunities and strategy. Entrepreneurs cannot chase every opportunity. Understand that it’s important to think strategically about long-term goals and align your business focus with your company’s core values which are defined by your customers and your internal team.  

Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners need reminders and ways to stay on track in the short and long term. Organizing and including structure in your day-to-day plan will help you maximize your work-time to achieve work/life balance. 

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