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Franchisee Validation Program

Official Rules: The Franchisee Validation Program is designed to encourage franchise owners to spend time with candidates for new Fresh Coat franchises. Only current franchise owners in good standing are eligible. The program allocates $500 per candidate, which will be distributed when the candidate purchases a franchise, signing a franchise agreement and paying the initial franchise fee in full. The purchase of multiple territories by the same candidate does not change the amount of the reward. The $500 will be allocated evenly among all franchise owners who spoke with the candidate. Each franchise owner must have submitted the validation form before the candidate submits a deposit to reserve a franchise. The validation form is automatically time-stamped upon submission, and franchise owners who submit their form after the candidate submits a deposit are not eligible for the reward. It is recommended therefore that franchise owners fill out the form immediately after speaking with the candidate.


Validation Form

Please be as detailed as possible!