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Our National Affiliations

Partnerships to Benefit Franchisees Nationwide

As a painting business, you’ll obviously need the paint to get a job started. Part of our support program at Fresh Coat is using our position as a national brand to provide our franchisees with high-quality materials at deep discounts. We accomplish this through our national affiliations with premium brands like Sherwin-Williams®.

When you franchise with Fresh Coat, you remain an independent business owner. But you have the ability to take advantage of partnerships with suppliers while associating your name with nationally-known products and service providers. When your customers see you working with names they recognize, your business builds credibility with them.

Our national affiliations include the following organizations and companies:

Building Customer Confidence

Like the Fresh Coat brand, these names establish trust and build confidence in your customer base. On a nuts-and-bolts level, these affiliations allow you to build your business faster and more effectively, helping you reach positive revenue more easily. Premium equipment for lower prices speaks for itself.

Accolades in the Franchise Industry

Fresh Coat is not just another franchise—we are nationally recognized for our viability, stability, and excellent support. Our painting franchise opportunity gives business owners the chance to join a thriving multi-billion dollar industry—an industry that experts believe is going to grow even more in the next few years.

Entrepreneur Magazine named us to the 2015 “Franchise 500” because franchisees can prosper with our systems. USA Today named us as one of the Top 50 Military Franchises for Veterans, and Gator Franchising considers us one of the top 100 franchise opportunities available today.

When you want to start a business that your community knows they can trust, it is time to learn more about Fresh Coat franchising opportunities.