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Operational Support

Operational Support

1. Proprietary Quoting Software, EPIC, Guarantees Profitability

2. Ongoing Advice and Help from your Business Coach

3. Access to Industry Experts, such as “The Wall Wizard” Brian Santos

Fresh Coat does not believe in a sink or swim approach when it comes to their franchisees. We believe that you should, “Go into business for yourself, not by yourself!” Because of that, we will assign you a business coach to help you not only with your questions, but evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and get to know you personally to help you adjust your business mindset and strategies as needed. You’ll also have access to industry experts, such as Brian Santos, to help you with unique challenges you’ll encounter as your customers come to expect miracles from you because of your excellent reputation. But best of all, from Day 1, you know that your projects will yield profit because of our proprietary quoting software, EPIC.

Quoting Software– EPIC

  • Know your price
  • Calculates Time, Materials, and Labor for each step of a project
  • Cloud Based with automatic, saved backups
  • Works on any laptop or mobile device

You’ve heard us talk about EPIC a few times now. When you start your own Fresh Coat franchise, you’ll see why! Our owners love EPIC. They give their customers peace of mind with quotes, not estimates. They build a reputation for integrity because they do not break these quotes. Best of all, they make PROFIT with these quotes! EPIC is your trump card in this industry. When your competition is guesstimating, your evaluating. When your competition is underbidding, your acting with transparency. EPIC will be the equivalent to your painters’ 10-in-1: your multi-purpose tool that enables you to do your job quickly and effectively.

Business Coaching

  • Initial, intensive, week-long onboarding class
  • Guidance from Industry Experts and our strongest current franchisees
  • Work with a Business Coach that knows your franchise’s specific needs
  • Guidance for expansion and new challenges

When you first sign your franchise agreement, you’ll be scheduled to join us in Cincinnati, OH for an intense, week-long onboarding training session. You’ll learn how to find (and keep) good painters, manage your finances, sound and proven marketing strategies…everything you need to know to hit the ground running when you open for business.

Once opened, you will work closely with our onboarding coach for the first 90 days before being assigned a permanent Business Coach that will get to know you and your business personally. He’ll help you play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, evaluate your KPIs and help you adjust if needed, as well as advise you on how to expand when you’re ready. Your Business Coach will always be there for you when you need the knowledge of someone who has walked this road before you, and is one of the biggest assets you’ll have as a Fresh Coat franchisee.

Industry Experts

Why do we say you need no painting experience to start a Fresh Coat franchise? Because we already have the expertise! As a Fresh Coat owner, you’ll have access to industry experts, most prominently Brian Santos, Fresh Coat’s Director of Education. Brian is a fourth-generation painter and contractor who ran is own successful business before deciding he was ready to transition to teaching and writing. Known worldwide as “The Wall Wizard”, Brian’s reputation and knowledge allowed him to work the unique homes of many celebrities, and now he is here and available to help you tackle unique challenges and also understand the new technologies that develop in the industry and how to apply them.