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Our Story

Fresh Coat’s Story

Fresh Coat Painters was born from a radically simple concept: people were desperate for a professional painting business, not just people that knew how to use a brush. Most of us have either personally experienced, or watched someone else go through, the following scenario: the home needs repainting, but you either lack the time or know-how to do it yourself. You ask your friends and family, but most just have horror stories of someone that went over budget for a slipshod job, and the few that had a good experience a few years ago don’t seem to have up-to-date contact information.

Finding Someone Reliable

So you scoured the internet, maybe even the phonebook, trying to judge who sounds the most trustworthy. If you got lucky, you found someone that was skilled enough to do a satisfactory job, and hopefully came close to his estimate. You didn’t know much about him, so you had to be home the whole time. Nothing personal, just better to be safe than sorry. Of course, you immediately recommended his services to your neighbor that mentioned he’s been thinking about some repainting as well, because nobody should have to try as hard as you did to find a good painter!

If you weren’t so lucky? It may have taken a couple of tries to get any painter out there, it took two days longer than he thought, the final bill might have been much higher than the estimate, and you’re left with touching up any mistakes because you can’t afford to bring him back, and probably wouldn’t even if you could.

A Vision for Something Better

Fresh Coat’s vision? Train people in how to run a professional business that could find and unite all the painters we’re always searching for when we’re ready for a home project. Vet these painters’ backgrounds, get them bonded and insured, and hire them as employees, not contractors, to give customers the security they need to let these people in their homes. Treat the customers with the respect they deserve: arriving on time, finishing on time, and treating the house like a home – because it is. Finally, pair these great painters and business professionals with a national brand that provides accurate quotes and stands by their work with a substantial warranty. It was something all of us at Fresh Coat knew we would gladly pay for, and we were willing to bet the world would too.

A Proven System

And the bet paid off – big time! Fresh Coat Painters has exploded. There are over 130 Fresh Coat franchises all over the United States. But there is still room to grow! We are eagerly searching for entrepreneurs to help us expand into new geographical markets. We’ve found the system that works – we just need people that are ready to plug in. If you’ve always wanted to run own business, be your own boss, and felt like all you needed was the training and support to help you take flight, then you are exactly who we want to talk to! 

Contact us today and a Fresh Coat Business Consultant will help you decide if a Fresh Coat franchise is right for you.