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Military Veterans Are Successful Franchisees

$2,000 Military Veteran Discount

Leadership, resourcefulness, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit are why military veterans are our most successful franchisees. With 1 in 20 Americans being veterans, Strategic Franchising is aware that veterans have the experience and knowledge to run their own prospering businesses.

Why Start A Strategic Franchising Business?

  • Our Franchises Are Home-Based, Keeping
  • Overhead Low
  • No Experience Necessary (We Train)
  • 3rd Party Financing Available
  • Free Business Coaching & Marketing Support
  • Quick Launch Time for All Brands
  • Dedicated Territory
  • Low Cost Investment

The Skills To Succeed

We have seen our most successful veteran owners utilize many skills gained throughout their military training. Owning a franchise business can benefit from veteran skills such as:

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Presentation
  • Taking Charge
  • Confidence
  • Having Vision
  • Leadership
  • Follow Through

Painting Done Right

Owning a Fresh Coat Franchise isn’t about painting. It’s about managing great teams and projects; which veterans have been doing their entire military career. Running a Fresh Coat is about following proven marketing and business strategies that can drive unlimited growth for your business.

“Fresh Coat offers veterans an opportunity to reach their full potential after military service. The low start-up cost and return on investment are what attracted me to Fresh Coat and the proven systems and operations support provided a structure that facilitated rapid launch.”

-Rich Whitaker, Fresh Coat Franchise Owner

About Fresh Coat

There’s a reason why 20% of Fresh Coat owners are U.S. military veterans.

Our veterans understand how a national brand can be a very successful business model once it’s paired with:

  • Professional teams of painters
  • Accurate quotes
  • Substantial warranty that covers the work

Fresh Coat’s business model treats the customer with the respect they deserve:

  • Preparing the client to know what to expect before starting
  • Arriving on time
  • Finishing on time
  • Treating the house like the home it is

Our Marketing and Coaching teams teach our Fresh Coat owners how to work with preferred vendors to perform background checks, bond, insure and hire painters as employees, not contractors, giving their customers the security they want with a professional team.

With over 130 Fresh Coat franchises all over the U.S. we still have plenty of room to grow. We are eagerly searching for entrepreneurs with military backgrounds to expand Fresh Coat services into new geographical markets.

If you have always wanted to run your own business and be your own boss, but didn’t know where to start, this is the place. Now is the time. With our in-depth training and extensive support, we will help you launch your own business. Once you become a Fresh Coat business owner, there are no limits to expanding yourself personally, professionally and financially.

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What Does a Fresh Coat Franchise Include?


Responsive Website

Fresh Coat equips our owners with the latest technology tools to help you excel. We ensure that your website is GPS-enabled and responsive on all devices; allowing customers to find your Fresh Coat business effortlessly. The website’s sticky navigation, customer testimonials, and photo gallery are built to convert more customers.

Web-Based Bidding Software

Our cloud-based bidding software allows you and your estimators to seamlessly calculate time, materials, labor and provide line-item quoting to help you win more bids.


Commercial Training

Fresh Coat promotes specialized commercial training classes throughout the year. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, (painting office buildings and apartment complexes), we are ready to train you and your team.

Recruiting Consultant

Additionally, Fresh Coat works with a specialized painting consultant who provides recruiting and retention tactics. We provide this consulting training to our owners looking for guidance and direction with hiring and retention.


High Quality Coaching & Marketing Support

From your on-site, in-depth training, to ongoing coaching throughout your entire franchise life, the Fresh Coat operations team is your true business partner.

With years of knowledge and the latest marketing and business tactics, the Fresh Coat operations team provides you with high quality coaching and marketing support from business launch to business maturity.