Fresh Coat Winners Circle


Earn your franchise fee back in full!

We eagerly search for quality people to run Fresh Coat franchises. Our franchisees are the lifeblood of this company, and our success is built on their own. After all, if we could just get the right, hard-working people to run their own Fresh Coat, we could gift the franchise and still come out ahead.

And that got our Chairman thinking…why not do just that? Of course, we can’t see the future; so you’ll have to show your success by reaching attainable milestones. But as you do, we will quite literally reimburse your entire franchise fee!

Just think about that for a moment. You were already planning on succeeding, or you wouldn’t be starting your own business. We just want you to know how much we want you to succeed! Our success is tied to your own, so we needed to find a way to motivate the best of the best entrepreneurs to pick Fresh Coat.

How do we attract that caliber of people? By rewarding them richly – and how much better can it get for a franchisee than reimbursement of their initial investment? And we even teach you how to get there!

What it means for you?

That means you got all the benefits of franchising with us – the nationally recognized brand, the industry expertise, the marketing and operational knowledge and support – for a net cost of ZERO. You couldn’t reduce your net startup cost any more than that if you just stuck a hand-drawn sign in your front lawn with your phone number. Instead, you opened a proficient, experienced, highly efficient operation.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call and inquire today to get all the details on how this program works from one of our franchise consultants. All it takes is the willingness to follow the Fresh Coat system, and the strong work ethic that resides in the heart of entrepreneurs that this nation’s economy is built on. Contact us today so that we can build a road to success together!