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How Fresh Coat Fills the Market Gap for Full-Service Residential and Commercial Painting Companies

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  • June 14 2022

When property owners need to hire painters, it can be difficult to decide who to call. There is an oversaturation of painting companies, but most specialize in specific project types. One company may offer part of what you need but tell you to call someone else to finish the job. Or, a business might reject a potential client based on the scale of their project. The Fresh Coat franchise is emerging as a leader in the painting industry by offering services for virtually every type of client and project, and the brand is growing rapidly as a result.

Fresh Coat prides itself on being an all-inclusive brand with employees that provide the highest-quality work on each and every project they are hired for. The 100-plus unit franchise bills itself as a one-stop-shop for all painting needs and is quickly becoming a go-to resource for both commercial and residential clients thanks to its wide breadth of services. Fresh Coat welcomes jobs of all sizes, works on both residential and commercial properties and goes to great lengths to make sure the painters on staff are well trained and up to the task.

Fresh Coat Has No Minimum Job Size

Fresh Coat was launched 18 years ago after its co-founder, Gary Green, struggled to find a painter who could revamp the color in his teenage daughter’s bedroom. To his surprise, it was difficult to find a company that would take a small, one-off job like that.

The company, unlike some of the major brands, takes on painting projects of all sizes. They handle one-off needs like fence and deck painting/staining, trim or ceiling jobs and cabinet and garage painting or can do entire properties, exteriors, and multi-unit complexes like apartments and shopping centers.

Fresh Coat Provides Both Residential and Commercial Painting

In the nearly 20 years since Fresh Coat was founded, the brand has expanded from a small residential painting business to include commercial offerings as well. Clients have hired the company to paint medical and dental offices, business offices, apartments, schools, government buildings and more. And with franchisees from coast to coast, it’s a great partnering option for large-scale businesses.

There are not a lot of national painting companies out there, and Fresh Coat is a one-stop-shop for national commercial establishments that are looking to repaint all locations. Fresh Coat can fill that void so they don’t have to manage projects in each individual market.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Warrantied Work

With so much competition in the painting industry, it can be challenging for consumers to select a reliable brand. Fresh Coat painters are licensed, bonded and insured, and the work they do is covered (a one-year warranty for one coat and a two-year warranty for two coats).

Take it from a happy customer who recently hired Fresh Coat to stain her fence, Lynn Eldridge, who said in an online review, “Fresh Coat was neat, professional, thoroughly cleaned up, and honored the quote to the penny. Don’t hesitate to hire these capable and hard-working guys!”

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