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How Fresh Coat Sets Franchisees Up for Success with Training

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  • June 27 2024

Fresh Coat Painters, the residential and commercial painting franchise, is 100% dedicated to setting up franchisees for success through rigorous and structured training programs. Brian Santos, the director of education at Fresh Coat, leads the training process for all new and existing owners. He has been in the painting industry for over 45 years and understands deeply what it takes to grow a painting business. Santos recently spoke with 1851 Franchise to outline the training process Fresh Coat Painters franchisees can expect when signing on with the brand.

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onboarding excellence

From the moment a franchisee signs their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Fresh Coat assigns an onboarding excellence manager to guide them through the initial stages. 

“This process can take anywhere from three to nine months,” Santos said. “Our onboarding excellence manager is part of our training and education team, providing a concierge service to help new franchisees navigate the complexities of setting up their business.”

This phase includes using an online system called Process Street, which helps franchisees manage essential tasks like setting up Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), obtaining insurance and connecting with resources and vendors.

comprehensive virtual and on-site training


Before franchisees attend the on-site classroom training, they must complete 40 hours of virtual training. “This is a requirement for compliance,” Santos said. “They learn all about our proprietary software, SmartQuote, safety programs with OSHA compliance and the fundamentals of operations, including understanding margins and income.”

The second phase of training, known as Fresh Coat Academy, is a five-day intensive program that includes a minimum of 43 hours of instruction. 

“We take them through leadership, hiring, business basics, tools of the trade and the industry itself,” Santos said. “This phase also involves hands-on training with SmartQuote and salesmanship training, the importance of delivering proposals, closing rates and customer service.”

According to Santos, that last part is key. “A significant aspect of Fresh Coat's training is enhancing the customer experience. That is everything,” he said. “They assume we know how to paint, but what they are looking for is our experience. We are very focused on training franchisees to offer the best experience possible.”

Fresh Coat franchisees offer painting services to both residential and commercial customers. Notably, Fresh Coat does not charge extra for commercial training, Santos said, which can be a significant revenue stream for franchisees. This comprehensive approach ensures that, by the time they open their doors, franchisees are well-equipped to handle various types of projects, expanding their potential market.

From there, franchisees are trained on the full spectrum of marketing: experiential marketing, event marketing, digital marketing, etc. “We want to make them aware that being involved in the community is what makes them special,” said Santos. “On the last day, we go into competitive shopping, how to price properly and the resources we will continue to provide them.”


ongoing support and development

Training at Fresh Coat doesn't stop after the initial phases of opening. “Franchisees are transferred to regional coaches after hitting metrics within the system,” Santos said. “We also have a mentoring program where seasoned owners can transfer their knowledge to up-and-coming owners.”

In addition, there are 60 hours of additional virtual training, numerous Zoom calls, national conferences and cohort meetings to reinforce what franchisees have learned. “We have a complete LMS with over 600 coursework options, including videos and articles — a plethora of resources owners can tap into,” said Santos. “We bring our over 600 years of experience across the training team — we are very hands-on.”

When it comes to ongoing training, Fresh Coat prides itself on being “state-of-the-moment,” always seeking the latest and greatest in terms of products, partners and resources. “We are not resting on our laurels,” Santos said. “Our franchisees can be confident that we will continue to train them on all relevant advancements in the field.”

Beyond training, the Fresh Coat team offers franchisees in-depth digital marketing, PR, estimating/quoting technology, painter-recruitment systems, regional/national conferences, online seminars, peer-to-peer educational programs, national supplier/vendor alliances and more. 

joining the fresh coat family

Overall, while the Fresh Coat corporate team is committed to answering any and all questions franchisees may have, Santos says the training approach is highly collaborative — it's not a one way street. 

“People are in business for themselves, but not by themselves,” Santos said. “When I built my own business, I had to learn through trial and error. That is no way to build a successful business. Our network of seasoned franchise owners help transfer their knowledge to the newer owners under the guidance of the executive team and staff. We really care because our success is theirs and vice versa. It is a very collaborative experience, and we want people to succeed.”

As Fresh Coat looks to double its number of territories in the coming years, now is an opportune time for entrepreneurs to embark on a journey with a franchise that prides itself on a robust and supportive training program that sets franchisees up for success from the very beginning.


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