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What Makes Fresh Coat a Great Franchise Opportunity?

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  • May 23 2024

Painting is a crowded industry, with everything from small businesses with two employees to national franchises like Fresh Coat Painters. Particularly in the franchise industry, the options can be overwhelming. Here are five reasons why Fresh Coat stands apart as a great franchise opportunity for you.

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1. National and Commercial accounts

Fresh Coat offers the opportunity to purchase two businesses in one through completing residential and commercial services, which is unique in the franchising industry.  While providing home improvement services in your community is great, it’s beneficial to have additional accounts to support your business. Fresh Coat has a dedicated National Accounts team that is solely focused on sending you profitable commercial projects. Whether it’s your neighbor or the Walgreens down the street, Fresh Coat Painters has two markets that are ripe with opportunity.

2. industry-leading technology

When it comes to business ownership, staying up to date with the latest technology improvements is crucial. Fresh Coat doesn’t want to be a franchise that is behind the eight ball, we want to be leading the competition with our innovations. We provide our franchise owners with top-notch technology and platforms to run their businesses successfully.

  • 3. Employee Recruiting & Retention

We want to help our franchisees hire and retain their employees. While there are lots of painters looking for jobs, Fresh Coat aspires to find the best workers who will do an excellent job and maintain a strong culture. This is done through a proprietary painter advancement system that assists franchisees in identifying their team early in the process, making the launch of their business as efficient as possible. 

  • 4. Marketing Support

Fresh Coat likes to talk about being a marketing first company. While we pride ourselves in service, we also provide lead generation so that owners can start off on a strong foundation. From training to the ongoing marketing and networking support, Fresh Coat stands apart as a team of people who are willing to help you succeed.

  • 5. The Winner’s Circle

Joining the Fresh Coat network means you join a franchise family through the Strategic Franchising umbrella, including four other brands. This partnership gives franchise owners access to the Winner’s Circle program, a unique opportunity to earn your franchisee fee back in full. This is done through hitting certain milestones during the first few years of the franchise opening, further cementing our commitment to helping you succeed. Because when franchise owners succeed, we succeed.

Take the Next Step

If you’re interested in taking the next step toward franchise ownership with Fresh Coat Painters, connect with us today to learn more about your brand. Schedule a call or download our franchise brochure so we can hear more about your background, story and franchise journey!


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