Advantages of Franchising Vs. Starting Your Own Business

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  • April 13 2022

For many, the American dream includes owning and running their own business. However, if you’re thinking about starting your own business, be sure to consider your options, and specifically, whether you should start your own business or invest in a franchise? 

Let’s take a look at the major benefits of franchise ownership over starting our own business. 

Lower Start-Up Costs

It can be expensive to start a new business, and sometimes it can be difficult to accurately estimate just how expensive. New business owners have to spend significant money on marketing to attract customers, which can leave business owners low on money only a few months into the new venture. Most franchises provide an outline of what costs are expected so you know exactly what you are getting into and have an idea of how much it will cost.

While some franchises require large inventory, high overhead, and big investment fees, Fresh Coat Painters offers an opportunity to own a home-based, low investment, low overhead business in the high-growth industry of home improvement.

Established Brand

Owning a franchise provides national brand power and turnkey marketing campaigns so you don’t have to spend your time building awareness and creating a marketing plan for your business. Fresh Coat offers franchise owners a proven system, operational and marketing support along the way, and an engaged owner network to make the dream of business ownership a reality. 

Built-In Support

Investing in a franchise allows new entrepreneurs the opportunity to jumpstart their businesses by utilizing the franchisor’s infrastructure and roadmap to hit the ground running to scale quickly.  At Fresh Coat, franchise owners are assured that they will “go into business for yourself, not by yourself.” Each franchise owner is assigned a business coach who walks alongside franchise owners and provides guidance for all aspects of business ownership.

No Experience Necessary

Initial and ongoing training is provided when you become a franchise owner, so you just need leadership skills, a commitment to success, and a willingness to trust the guidance of the franchisor. While Fresh Coat is a nationally recognized painting and home services company, becoming a franchise owner does not require painting experience, rather franchise owners focus on managing and growing their business and leave the painting to the professionals. 

Own Your Own Business

When you own a franchise, you drive your business to success because you own the business. You have the ability to execute your vision and reap the rewards using a proven business model that can be launched relatively quickly for a low investment. While providing the independence of being a small business owner, franchise ownership also comes with the support and infrastructure of a large corporation.

The success of Fresh Coat franchise owners is due to both the proven system and the hard work of the owners, but also to the fact that the painting industry is a $41 billion industry that consistently grows year over year. The fact is that the demand for painting services is there and is growing. That makes now the perfect time to establish your own Fresh Coat franchise.


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